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Fire Retardant Additive Systems
Non-Halogen flame retardant systems
Our JJAZZ® Flame Retardant Additive Systems are high performance intumescent flame retardant products designed to incorporate into conventional processes for coatings and plastics products to meet a wide array of flame retardancy requirements.
Flame Retardanct Concentrates
Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Concentrates
PolyFR® Flame Retardant Concentrates are highly loaded FR pellets designed to offer high performance flame retardant solutions in a convenient, easy to handle pellet form. The concentrates are formulated to disperse easily into a variety of resins and incorporate directly into compounding and injection molding processe s forquick FR results.
Specialy Polymer Additives
specialty polymer additives
Our Jemini 100™ polymer modifiers are bio-derived non- phthalate polymer modifier designed for polyolefins, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Low level additions of this product allows higher loading of additives with increased throughput rates, while enhancing physical properties. Additionally, it will not add to the fuel load of the compound.
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